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Brief review

As you may have guessed by the name of this program, My Talking Calculator speaks while you enter numbers. This program comes with a simple interface that consists solely of a blue calculator placed on a crisp white background. As you compute numbers, this program speaks back to you, so that you can remember what you are trying to compute. A handy setup Wizard will bring you through the installation process, and once installed there’s nothing complex about this program, which makes it an ideal option for any seeking a talking calculator.


If you can use a calculator, you can use My Talking Calculator. Once the calculator appears on the screen, simply click on the numbers that you want to compute. After selecting the right numbers, choose the computing function that you are seeking (addition, subtraction…). Once these steps have been completed, My Talking Calculator will repeat all of the calculations that you have entered resulting in a final, audio, calculation.

Main Function

The point of this program is to provide users with a calculator that speaks. As such, My Talking Calculator does exactly as it is supposed to do. This is not a complicated program with a lot of extra features and options, but it does get the job done precisely and efficiently.

Extra Features

My Talking Calculator doesn’t come with a number of interesting features. In fact, the only thing that this program includes is a simple calculator, a voice mechanism, and a nice interface. In short, simplicity is at the heart of My Talking Calculator – and that’s a positive thing!


My Talking Calculator can be purchase for around $14 USD. If you want to test out this program prior to purchase (always a wise idea), you can do so for a period of thirty days. In this reviewer’s opinion, $14 is a good price for a product that performs well and doesn’t have a steep learning curve.

Reviewer's rating

Reviewed by Alan Vega
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